A View Outside of a Box

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Roosevelt the Blue Crab. At my day job, we ship
lots of the cranky crustaceans every morning. Roosevelt caught my attention because A) when
the crabs do escape, they are very, very angry, and freak me out (I will chat about irrational fear
in next month’s blog), and B) he reminded me to appreciate freedom and to acknowledge one’s
life path.

Lucky little Roosevelt managed to get free from his brothers and sisters. Whenever challenged,
he wielded his sharp claws. I was too scared to put him back in his box so I asked one of my
co-workers to help me. Jokingly, my coworker gingerly picked him up and instead of Roosevelt
being returned back with the others, he found himself perched on a yellow, 10 inch wide pole.

He got to see life as I do, my view of an open space with fresh air, instead of his view in a dark,
cramped, smelly box.
Eventually he was put back in his box, safe and sound (no animals were harmed!).

The moment he sat on the pole made me think about how lucky I am. Instead of being stuck
with wherever life finds me at the moment, I have the freedom to challenge myself and I can
encourage other people to do the same. I can change my view. There’s no way to escape the
end of our path (poor Roosevelt couldn’t change his fate that he was going to be someone’s
meal), but we can try to enjoy our path while we’re here. We can appreciate moments like
enjoying great conversation with a friend over a steamy cup of coffee. We can be brave and
push ourselves to learn new things instead of sitting on the couch watching negative news.
Chasing our dreams and working towards our goals, while still remembering to hug loved ones,
makes our paths more interesting. Instead of daily grumbling about punching a time clock, I’m
inspired to create stories for Grandmother Zenobia and the characters of Carrefour County. I
savor the times I get to binge watch Supernatural or something on Netflix, rather than feel guilty
that I’m not “doing” anything. I no longer complain about being bored; I get out and walk,
appreciating the sun on my face and the birds that fly in the sky.

Our paths are not easy; I’m pretty sure the Universe does that on purpose. Delightful things,
heartbreaking things, sweet things, and horrible things pop up all the time. I think it’s okay to be
happy or sad, angry or fearful, as long as we experience those emotions and then move through
them. Life is meant to be experienced and savored, not disregarded or ignored.

So friend, I ask what will YOU do on your path? I’d love to hear about it!

When you are freed
from your box, like Roosevelt the crab, I hope you have the time of your life.