A View Outside of a Box

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Roosevelt the Blue Crab. At my day job, we ship
lots of the cranky crustaceans every morning. Roosevelt caught my attention because A) when
the crabs do escape, they are very, very angry, and freak me out (I will chat about irrational fear
in next month’s blog), and B) he reminded me to appreciate freedom and to acknowledge one’s
life path.

Lucky little Roosevelt managed to get free from his brothers and sisters. Whenever challenged,
he wielded his sharp claws. I was too scared to put him back in his box so I asked one of my
co-workers to help me. Jokingly, my coworker gingerly picked him up and instead of Roosevelt
being returned back with the others, he found himself perched on a yellow, 10 inch wide pole.

He got to see life as I do, my view of an open space with fresh air, instead of his view in a dark,
cramped, smelly box.
Eventually he was put back in his box, safe and sound (no animals were harmed!).

The moment he sat on the pole made me think about how lucky I am. Instead of being stuck
with wherever life finds me at the moment, I have the freedom to challenge myself and I can
encourage other people to do the same. I can change my view. There’s no way to escape the
end of our path (poor Roosevelt couldn’t change his fate that he was going to be someone’s
meal), but we can try to enjoy our path while we’re here. We can appreciate moments like
enjoying great conversation with a friend over a steamy cup of coffee. We can be brave and
push ourselves to learn new things instead of sitting on the couch watching negative news.
Chasing our dreams and working towards our goals, while still remembering to hug loved ones,
makes our paths more interesting. Instead of daily grumbling about punching a time clock, I’m
inspired to create stories for Grandmother Zenobia and the characters of Carrefour County. I
savor the times I get to binge watch Supernatural or something on Netflix, rather than feel guilty
that I’m not “doing” anything. I no longer complain about being bored; I get out and walk,
appreciating the sun on my face and the birds that fly in the sky.

Our paths are not easy; I’m pretty sure the Universe does that on purpose. Delightful things,
heartbreaking things, sweet things, and horrible things pop up all the time. I think it’s okay to be
happy or sad, angry or fearful, as long as we experience those emotions and then move through
them. Life is meant to be experienced and savored, not disregarded or ignored.

So friend, I ask what will YOU do on your path? I’d love to hear about it!

When you are freed
from your box, like Roosevelt the crab, I hope you have the time of your life.


The roles of men and women and a popular book

I recently emailed a friend about what I thought about the book, 50 shades of Grey. As I continue to rewrite and edit my novel Gypsy Kisses, I have found it’s important to read as much as I write.  Almost every writer will tell you you HAVE to read, you HAVE to write.  So, after swearing quite often to my friends that I would never, ever, ever read it, I broke down and read the infamous 50 Shades of Grey.  Generally I think it is an okay book. The main character makes me cranky personally, because her smoking hot, rich boyfriend wants to buy her expensive clothes, insists she eats, and gives her an Audi. She has the nerve to she complains about it.  Cry me a river.  LOL

But then I began to wonder why the 50 shades books are so popular. A series like this isn’t new.  Romance novels have been around for a very long time.  The more I ponder about it, I think it’s because dating/relationships nowadays has gone through a lot of changes in what feels like a short period of time.  There is no “real” surprise” about the characters in the book (I’m speaking of gender roles, not plot wise).  The main guy, Christian Grey is aggressive and knows what he wants.  His love interest, Ana is soft and somewhat passive. It’s the typical dynamic of the man being the masculine energy  (with loads of money) and the woman being the feminine counterpart that says yes or no to his requests.  There’s a lot of development and growth in the books so I won’t spoil anything for you.

I think that in real life, for a while, the roles of men and women have been blurred so much that sometimes people don’t know how to act or behave toward each other. Some women get mad when men open doors for them.  They are independent and are self sufficient.  Some men rather be stay at home dads and not be bread winners. I have come across quite a few men who don’t like Football or any pro sport at all.  I’m sure we all can agree that there are too many commercials on television advertising how to fix low levels of testosterone.

What the independent business woman or the stay at home dad wants is neither right or wrong, just different from “traditional” roles.  If anything, it’s right for them. However, I think that when a book (with lots of sex) comes along and the characters represent how things used to be, it strikes a chord with people.  I guess it is a much larger crowd of people than expected. (Yea dude at the airport, I saw you with a copy of 50 shades, trying to figure out what the buzz is all about…I ain’t mad at ya)  Nowadays I guess more women want to be “women” again, and men want to be “men”. Lots of books on dating talk about feminine energy vs masculine energy and I think 50 Shades of Grey taps into those beliefs. Heterosexual relationships or same sex relationships, I think the equation still works.  Successful relationships have a balance of energies.

Kudos to E. L. James for inspiring interesting dialogue between people and for some fun reading.

As I give more color and breath for my characters in Gypsy kisses, it’s fun to play off the traditional roles society has given. Some characters are easier to create than others.

Now if I could only spice up my Match.com profile to attract a magical match like my characters Will and Syeira or Anton and Ana.  I’m sure my King Dorian is out there somewhere. (wink wink)  In the meantime, I will return my copies of 50 shades to my BFF and get back to my own vampire stories.

Hugs and Kisses from Sunny

This is my VERY first blog, to be released out into the universe. 

As I write this, I am coming to the end of my Birthday/Mardi Gras/Personal Happy New Year Extravaganza.  My birthday is May 23 (thank you for every “happy birthday” wish I have received!! I love them!!)

Personally I believe that everyone should take at least a week, seven days minimum, to honor the day they were born.  You don’t have to go big and huge with bells and whistles (although being a Gemini I do have a few days like that).  You don’t have to sit in a small dark closet and whisper your Birthday wish and hope to yourself that maybe, someday, possibly it will come true.  It’s YOUR anniversary of when YOU came into this world. It’s your life, your path, your heartbeat. Celebrate YOU any way YOU want.

So, in celebration of Denise N’Gail Tapscott, fondly known as Pirate Sunny to some, Sunny Girl to others, I choose to send you, dear friend, family member, fellow actor, fellow writer, reader, pal, buddy, animal lover, vampire lover, immortal, pirate lover, human, new person to my universe, stuff.  I send to you, hugs, kisses, prayers and positive vibes and stuff. Yep, you, the person staring at these words.  Whether you are having a wonderful time at this exact moment in space, or you need a little extra something to get through a dark moment that will pass, I send a little magic your way.

I also want to say thank you.  Thank you for your time and energy.  Thank you for coming across my path, for whatever length of time it may be. Thank you for adding a little something to my personal universe.

It is said that it’s always better to give than receive.  I say let’s do both!  After all, it’s how I am celebrating my birthday. 

And with that, Let this journey continue, and stuff!